Welcome to the website of Matthew Clapham Language Services.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I have devoted over half my life to the subject of linguistic expression, as a student, teacher, writer and translator. On the basis of all those years of experience I offer the following professional services:

Spanish/Catalan to English translation

My fields of speciality include legal and commercial translations, leisure and tourism, advertising and marketing and websites (including processing of HTML/ASP/PHP files, etc).

Please refer to the Rates section for prices.

English to Spanish translation

Whilst translations for publication should only ever be performed by native speakers of the target language, I can provide "information only" translations into Spanish for regular clients.

Proofreading and correction

I also offer a proofreading service for texts produced by other translators, or original documents (such as theses or conference presentations) written by non-native speakers of English.

Copywriting and Consultancy

Extensive consultation with the client forms an essential part of the translation of any client-oriented text. However, occasionally a more involved process may be required to create original copy for an English-speaking market.